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Born Aware:  Stories and Insights from Those Spiritually Aware Since Birth by

Diane Brandon


Contains the Following Chapters:


Part 1: The Born Aware Phenomenon


Chapter 1: What is the “Born Aware” Phenomenon?

Chapter 2: How We can Benefit: Spiritual Implications and the Higher Soul Awareness


Part 2: Individual Accounts of Those Born Aware


Chapter 3: Rosalie’s Story

For the first couple of months of my life, I was bouncing back and forth between Spirit and 3D life.”

Chapter 4: Jimelle Suzanne’s Story

“I was very aware of a horrible light, blinding, blinding lights, and choking. I couldn’t stand it. I just felt like I weighed a thousand pounds and I was choking.”

Chapter 5: Heather’s Story

I was working for the Creator and…I was making things…and they were quite beautiful.”

Chapter 6: Theresa Waltermeyer’s Story

I remember picking my parents and picking my father. I just wanted to be his daughter.”

Chapter 7: Jemila’s Story

“Oh, my God, what have I done?”

Chapter 8: Cheryl Ludwig’s Story

“What in the world are these people thinking to not cover my eyes from the sun?”

Chapter 9: Matthew Engel’s Story

“Okay, so I’ve arrived. Here I am….I was feeling a sense that there was a force and a team in the spirit realm that was all involved in getting me here.”

Chapter 10: Terese Covey’s Story

“I agreed with my dad that I would be okay.”

Chapter 11: Cynthia Sue Larson’s Story

“Whoops! Wrong planet!”

Chapter 12: Dr. Stanislav Gergre O’Jack’s Story

“I was in a rolled-up position, and housed in a warm environment surrounded by a seemingly orange-red-color illumination….Something like being in a sauna. I could feel the warmth, the sounds.”

Chapter 13: Rozlyn Reynolds’ Story

“Shortly after being born I remember seeing all the bright lights, faces looking down at me with masks on.”

Chapter 14: Carmel Bell’s Story

“I remember being in the ‘soup’ before I was born.... I was… given a choice as to ‘what’ I would be in terms of being seen as good, bad or indifferent.”

Chapter 15: My Story

When I was born I remember thinking that I didn’t want to be here again. I knew that when I wasn’t here I was with the Divine and I wanted to be back with God. I also knew that when I wasn’t here and was on higher levels I had absolute knowledge and I resented not having absolute knowledge while here. However, I knew that I had to be here because there was something I was supposed to do.”

Chapter 16: Those with Initial Memories Up to 10 Months Old


Part 3: Lessons from the Born Aware Phenomenon and Accessing Our Awareness


Chapter 17: Initial Lessons—Attributes and Differences of Those Born Aware

Chapter 18: Spiritual Lessons from the Born Aware Phenomenon

Chapter 19: Grooming the Higher Soul Awareness & Other Recommendations

Closing Thoughts


Appendix A: Questions that Were Posed to Interviewees

Appendix B: A Meditation for the Higher Soul Awareness

Appendix C: If You’ve Retained At-Birth Memories