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After having hosted radio shows for a while now and seeing my listenership numbers explode  -- as well as having received training myself in hosting a show -- I have seen a great variance in guests insofar as how well they do as a guest on a radio show.  Many times people want to be a guest on a radio show primarily to either get their message out or for more exposure for their work.


I've learned that many, many factors go into whether a guest is successful in a radio appearance or not.  Obviously both hosts and guests have their priorities and objectives which often differ, and hosts generally want to produce the best show possible.


Often, as guests, you may not have that perspective of what the host or producer wants and your performance on a show may be affected accordingly.  Similarly, you may not be aware of speaking habits which can mar your performance.


I know that, as a radio show host, I always want to have people on who will be excellent as guests — and who will be an asset to my shows.


If you are interested in doing radio appearances, I would highly recommend my Guest Training!

Improve Your Guest Skills:



· The right tone or “note” to strike

· Convincing Listeners to Buy Your Product or Service — or be Convinced of  Your Message

· Minimizing those Stage-Fright Jitters

· Connecting with the Listeners

· Improving Your Message

· Keeping the “Entertainment Factor” in Mind

· Gaining Listeners’ Respect

· Minimizing Problematic Speech Patterns and Verbal Crutches

· When to Be Serious & When to Be Light

· Being Invited Back to the Show



These are Just SOME of What We’ll Work on

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2 One-Hour Practice Sessions

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