2008 Election:† Itís a New Day and a Positive New Direction!

by Diane Brandon

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I was doubly glad that Obama made it because of -- and despite -- fears -- mine and those of others.† I was quite afraid that the election would be stolen -- again.† You may or may not be aware of the allegations of manipulation of voting machine code in the 2004 election in Ohio and manipulation of the vote in 2000 in Florida.† In fact, a new documentary has been made on the 2004 election fraud, which can be viewed at http://www.stealingamericathemovie.org/

I also read about an impending court case about this fraud.† An article on this case can be viewed at

http://thejournal.epluribusmedia.net/index.php/state-news/ohio-news/200-ohio-cyber-security-expert-says-2004-kingpin-attack-benefited-bush.† (You may need to copy and paste this URL.)

So I had my own fears about whether Obama could be elected President.

Others had their fears about Obama himself.† Several people I spoke to verbalized fears about some "hidden" agenda that they felt Obama had.† McCain and Palin -- and others of her ilk -- attempted to smear Obama by evoking old cultural fears, calling him a "socialist."† Aside from appealing to the electorate's lower nature and aside from the lack of ethics on the part of those participating in this campaign dirty trick, many people found themselves confronting their own "shadow side" as their fears surfaced.† How much of this had to do with the fact that Obama's skin is darker than the white electorate's and that his name is not a typical American one?

I'm not the only one to opine about this appeal to and evoking of fears.† Penney Pierce wrote the following piece which she posted to a group of intuitives I belong to:

I am really, really surprised at those of you who are responding to the superficiality of the conservatives' charged and highly loaded accusations of Obama's being a Marxist, communist, terrorist, etc. Those words are OLD words that describe a highly fear-based reality from at least 50 years ago, when the paranoia and self-righteouosness of a McCarthy and a Nixon could be whipped to such a state that even friends could be turned against each other.


We, as intuitives and visionaries, are supposed to be on the leading edge of the new unity-based, love-based reality-the "new paradigm." Through our ability to experience oneness via intuition, and by our ability to know the unified field via our energy-sensitivity, we are the ones who should be showing others the way into realities that are based on fellowship, mutual support, conscious communion, and the healing of ancient emotional wounds and human suffering. Obama, as I sense him, is a person who lives via his intuition and sensitivity, who is trying to live cleanly and ethically into the new paradigm-as it emerges. He is looking for the new forms, and is not caught in old ones.


You cannot open up spiritually and enter the new energy-based reality that is presenting itself to us, without understanding-at a visceral level-the profound interconnectedness of all life, and that includes people of all political persuasions. If we really want to live this new life, we look for new organizational models that reflect the "new" truths. Both capitalism (and I like what Thom Hartmann says, that we are now in the "cancerous stage of capitalism") and communism, and all other forms of national organization, are by themselves flawed. They are functional in particular ways, and dysfunctional in other ways.


The West functions according to one perfectly good reality, for example, and the East by another.

People from both East and West think their way is "the way life is"-unless you travel and work globally. When you do see the sanity of other ways of thinking and acting as perfect designs for specific situations and conditions, it humbles you and expands your perspective. For me, being international has expanded my view of what might happen if varying world views could be merged, if we could learn "how to be" in each other's actual reality constructs.


So, politically, why are we reacting, or snapping back to a time when the world was highly divided and separatist? We are living into a time of global commonality, of shared humanity, where solutions are going to HAVE TO involve everyone and class distinctions are going to have to eventually disappear in the light of our Soul Awareness. Is this Marxist? I think not. I think we are headed toward an evolution of the best in capitalism and the best in socialism and even the core truths in imperialism and in dictatorships, etc.. . . We have to reexamine core motives and concepts, and reinvent politics, governance, nationality, and commerce.


So I'm asking those of you in reactionary mode right now: What are you so afraid of, and why are you choosing to live in a fear-based reality, unconsciously leaping back into the past, instead of being fully engaged in this super-alive moment, creating a new reality directly from soul, something that is fresh and new? Security is an issue that needs to be redefined as well, and it is now in our faces. . .


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