It’s also true that negative feelings are signals for us.  They let us know that something isn’t right.


Furthermore, the way our minds and brains work is to have old patterns – including pain and negative “stuff” from our past – encoded into our being.  The only way we can heal and move past this stuff is to acknowledge it when it surfaces and work on somehow clearing it.  This requires allowing the negative feelings to surface, be felt, be acknowledged as the signals they truly are, and dealt with by working on clearing the underlying issue.  Being up all the time is the opposite, because it suppresses the negative feelings that can help us heal when we feel and acknowledge them.


The more we clear our old pain and stuff (or outmoded thinking patterns), the more we naturally feel more positive.


The problem lies in either suppressing our negative feelings or getting stuck in them.  When you feel something negative, the last thing you want to do is to suppress it or get stuck in it.


I have seen clients get down on themselves because they sometimes felt negative.  Come on!  There’s nothing wrong with that.


Not only is it unrealistic to expect to feel positive all the time, it’s also unhealthy.  Repressed negativity will still affect us on some level.


In addition, research conducted by the Institute of HeartMath shows that heart rate variability is vital for our health.  Many people have become aware of their research, but they may only be familiar with their research findings on how positive (coherent) vs. negative (noncoherent) emotions impact our health, as well as that of others.  This is only part of what their research indicates.  It also shows that we need heart rate variability – and what creates heart rate variability is emotional variability.


The other factor to take into consideration is that healing old stuff is a process.  We don’t heal our old stuff and issues overnight.  However, each time we are able to clear something from the past, our set point for our moods shifts.  We will gradually find ourselves feeling positive more often as we clear and heal.


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The Misguided Imperative to Be Positive

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