Disasters in Myanmar (Burma) and China -- Thoughts and Lessons

by Diane Brandon (Page 1 of  4)

The following is from an email message I sent out to clients on May 17, 2008, in the wake of the disasters in Myanmar/Burma and China:


             Many of us were saddened by the news of the cyclone in Myanmar (also known as Burma) in Southeast Asia and the 7.9 magnitude earthquake in China.  These two massive natural disasters occurred within less than two weeks of each other, a frequency that is obviously rather uncustomary.


             As I write this, the death toll in Myanmar now stands at 78,000 and may rise to over 100,000, and in China is now 28,800 and may rise to 50,000.  What can we make of these awful tragedies?


             First of all, it's imperative that we send prayers and light, in addition to any financial or other contributions.  Secondly, we are reminded once again that we are all connected, irrespective of where we live and irrespective of our nationality, gender, race, religion, or any other category.  We are all connected and ultimately come from the same place.  Period.


             We have unfortunately had news of numerous natural disasters in the past few years, including those caused by hurricanes and tornadoes in this country.  Many of you know that I'm not into doom and gloom.  However, it is becoming increasingly clear that we're living in a time that appears to be bringing more and more frequent natural disasters.


             If this is indeed the case, what should our response be?  As I mentioned above, sending what we can in the way of contributions, in addition to prayers and light is one thing we can do.  We can also allow ourselves to be conscious of the fact that we are all connected.  It's important, I feel, as well to be mindful of the times in which we appear to be living and to attempt to be prepared, both physically and emotionally, for any contingencies.  This is furthermore a time to be mindful of our spirituality and to keep that in the forefront of our minds. 


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