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An Introductory Guided Meditation by Diane Brandon


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“Mind-blowing! Simply the best guided meditation session you'll ever experience. Diane Brandon is #1 in this field. Take a few minutes out of your busy day and immerse yourself in this powerful mindscape. Several amazing doors will open in your mind, taking you to a place you've never imagined. You will find yourself enriched, enlightened, and excited to be alive.”

Frank Feather, Innovative Futurist, Speaker, Author

Available in MP3 Format or Hard Copy CD


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Meditation, simply put, allows you to find your center, strengthen in yourself, de-stress, find your own answers, and feel rejuvenated.  It also has a range of health benefits.


Diane Brandon, Integrative Intuitive Counselor, Radio Host, and Intuition Teacher, has specialized in using this modality with her clients for years, triggering positive and lasting shifts.  "A Journey Within Meditation" is Diane's introductory Guided Meditation and has been praised by those using it.

You have shared a great gift with this meditation!  It was so soothing and relaxing it felt like you were right there in the room lifting the day’s burdens awayYou really hit a home run with this creation!

           — Rodney Williams, Director of Operations, GLS Corporation

“Brainstorm in the Boardroom with Great Leaders”


A Business Meditation CD for

Creativity & Conceptualizing


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The "Natural Process Healing" Technique is a Powerful, but Gentle, Lightly Meditative Technique that Triggers Significant Inner Shifts, while Simulating the Positive Aspects of a Healing Near-Death Experience.  One experiences Love, Knowing, Peace, Perfection, Light, and Oneness. 


Available as an MP3 or Hard-Copy CD

Available in Audio File MP3 Format or Hard Copy CD


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