The following is from an email message I sent out to clients on September 3, 2005, in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina:


Once again I write to you in the aftermath of a tragedy or major event.  (Some of you in the past have expressed appreciation for my sharing of observations.  If, instead, you would prefer not to read this, please just delete the message.)


This event has been quite different from others I have written about and has really hit home -- literally.


As some of you may know, I am a native of New Orleans, born and raised, until I left for college (to Duke in North Carolina).  I spent two more years in New Orleans between college and grad school and visited my family there every year until they moved to Memphis a few years ago.  This week has been hard for me, even with my normal spiritual reserves.


I have spent the week trying to get in contact with friends, while also trying to stay abreast of news and (continually hopeful of) progress and improvements in rescue.  I have also spent the week ruminating and attempting to get a sense of what this huge, unprecedented national tragedy was about on a higher level.  And that is what I would like to share with you.


As always, it is my sense that a huge event like this disaster has to do with shifts and lessons and I'll share my sense of what those may be.




One huge lesson that I feel is implicit in this catastrophe is that we are all connected, irrespective of our geographical location, not to mention our age, race, gender, nationality, religious persuasion, etc.  So many times in the past, we may have been able to look at a natural disaster and, while feeling compassion for those directly affected by loss of family, friends, home, livelihood, etc., we may have also felt unimpacted directly by the events.                                                                                                      (Continued)

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