Developing Your Intuition & Accessing Information on Demand

A 4-Part Video Course

with Diane Brandon,

Author of

Intuition for Beginners

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“Developing Your Intuition and Accessing Information on Demand” with Diane Brandon

Author of Intuition for Beginners

A 4-Part Video Course



    Part 1:  Exploring What Intuition is – And Isn’t

    Part 2:  Exploring Deeper Levels for Intuition

    Part 3:  Exploring Certain Types of Intuition through Exercises

    Part 4:  Honing Intuition through Advanced Exercises



“Developing Your Intuition and Accessing Information on Demand” is a hands-on video course, based upon Diane Brandon’s acclaimed book, Intuition for Beginners – Easy Ways to Awaken Your Natural Abilities.


Diane leads you to uncover your inner voice and how intuition expresses itself to you (because intuition is hugely individualistic and will vary greatly from one person to another). 


You’ll do some basic exercises, and then move to advanced ones.  These exercises are designed to allow you to experience your own type and forms of intuition, and to enable you to access your intuition whenever you want, instead of waiting around for information to come to you spontaneously.  The course includes the following parts:


Intuition gives us many gifts in our lives, not just information, but also rewards for our personal unfolding.  Using our intuition can empower us and lead us to embrace our true knowing, which is hugely strengthening. 


You are indeed intuitive!

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