The Loss of Two Beloved Giants

by Diane Brandon — Page 2 of 6

In the late 80s, Tomiko started holding some monthly mastermind classes, which she called “Intelligentsia Metaphysica.”  I was in her second group and we met monthly for a few years.  In these classes, Tomiko covered several different metaphysical topics and recommended a long list of books for us to read.  Having been an avid reader of all types of spiritual books since the late 60s, I bought several of the ones that Tomiko recommended.

It was in these mastermind classes that Tomiko told me one day, “You should be [a] spiritual counselor.”  I was taken aback at the time and rejected the suggestion outright.  I had always thought that my purpose in this lifetime was acting and singing, which is what I had pursued.  Spiritual counseling was the furthest thing from my mind.

It turned out that Tomiko had indeed been correct. As of this writing, I have been working as an intuitive and spiritual counselor for 21 years now (even if I came to it quite reluctantly).  I now know that this is indeed my true work and purpose.  I can look back on Tomiko’s prescience and see how very right she had been.  I can now also understand what Tomiko had meant when she repeatedly told me, “You’re so clear.”  I now try to teach my students in intuition workshops and classes to be clear and objective.

Tomiko was a very rare reader.  Not only did she have strong intuitive ability (which most people can learn to develop for themselves); she was also very clear herself.  She was quite advanced spiritually, meaning that she was on a more advanced spiritual level in her orientation and understanding.  Tomiko had complimented me during her mastermind classes by telling me that I was one of her two most spiritually advanced students.  However, I knew that her spiritual orientation was a rare, advanced one.


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