The Loss of Two Beloved Giants

by Diane Brandon

I was so sad and moved recently to learn of the loss of two giants in our metaphysical community.  They had a profound impact not just on me, but also on many of us.  If you weren’t familiar with them, this article should give you more insight into their contributions and the holes left by their passings.

In August, I learned through a mutual friend that Tomiko Omichi Smith had passed away in late Spring of this year.  Tomiko, as she was known, was originally from Japan and had come to the United States decades ago after marrying a military officer.

Some people called Tomiko a psychic or intuitive, but she preferred to refer to herself as a “sensitive.”  She did readings for several decades and was a strong positive influence on many, many people.  She exuded grace, calm, peace, and serenity.  The truth is that it’s very hard to describe the fullness of Tomiko’s being and how much of a profound influence she had on so many people.

I first met Tomiko back in the 1970s at a dinner party given by my voice teacher at the time, Katherine Kaufman Posner, and her husband, Jerry Posner, a violinist who also volunteered at PRF, Psychical Research Foundation, which at that point was located in Durham.  I subsequently had some readings with Tomiko over the years in which she always told me I was a teacher.


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