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             Outside events that occur while we’re sleeping can color our dreams – for example, a loud noise.  So can our physical condition.  If we go to bed thirsty or hungry, our dream content may reflect that, as can the need to empty one’s bladder, in what I call a “bathroom dream.”

             In some dreams, we’re not actually dreaming about something; we’re actually experiencing it.  Our minds, unbounded by our bodies and waking mind, can be off exploring other places and time periods, even visiting those at a distance, similar to an out-of-body experience.  Because our minds are not bound while we’re sleeping, we can also perceive “psychically” in them, seeing an event that will happen or knowing things we hadn’t been exposed to.

             I’m convinced that our unconscious is always trying to bring us to balance.  Because of this and the fact that our unconscious predominates while we’re sleeping, we may solve problems while asleep or get ideas.  We may also be working on personal, psychological issues.  As a result, some dreams may be expressing fears or showing us how to deal with a problem or challenge in our waking lives.  We may wake up with the answer to something we were trying to figure out.  We may also get artistic inspiration (such as Handel did while writing the last movement of “The Messiah”) or scientific insight (as Kekulé did in understanding the structure of the benzene molecule).  We can learn to work with this aspect of our unconscious and sleeping mind.

             In trying to bring us to balance, our unconscious may deliver dreams that may be healing, whether psychologically or physically.  An example of the latter would be a dream about a health condition one didn’t know one had.  There have been cases of someone dreaming that she had breast cancer, for example, and then seeing a doctor who confirmed the illness.


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