by Diane Brandon

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             Your dreams come from another part of your mind and speak to you of greater possibilities within you and of a greater you, larger and more expansive than you may have ever seen for yourself.  When we explore our dreams and begin to decode their meanings and messages for us, our self expands and our wellness – on different levels – can increase almost magically.

             In beginning to work with our dreams, we must first understand more about our sleep and dreaming minds.  What we label as our dreams is, in fact, a complex set of phenomena.  Dreams spring from different sources and represent a range of occurrences.

             Sleep researchers write that dreams are a function of our psyche and biological processes alone.  Contemporary research shows that sleep and dreams are necessary for the permanent formation of memories and for learning and that sleep itself is necessary for health.  (Chronic sleep deprivation can cause a host of health problems, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, attention deficit disorder, and others.)

             Dreams, however, can do more than serve as maintenance for our memories and minds.  And the truth is that they can spring from more sources than just our own minds.  Dreams can, in fact, come from outside of us because our unconscious mind is often quite porous in the sleep state.  What I call “communication dreams” are an example of this, when we are actually communicating with someone else, whether someone we know in our lives, a passed-on loved one, or even a guide.  Upon waking, we may have the sense of having communicated with someone and felt that it was just a dream.



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