Diane Brandon

Personal Path Intuitive & Author




Triggering Healthy Unfolding & Providing Useful Insight to Individuals

Diane offers Workshops on the following topics:


Your Intuition on Demand


à Exploring Your Dreams — Decoding and Understanding Them


à Unleashing the Calm: The Multi-Fold Path to Personal Empowerment, Self Actualization, and Wholeness


à Natural Process Healing Technique


à Private Intuition Lessons/Coaching


à Corporate Seminars on Right-Brain Skills (Creativity & Intuition) & Listening Skills

Diane speaks

on the following subjects:


à Lamplighters:  Pioneering Intuitive Counseling


à Are You Intuitive?


à Perchance to Dream: The Wonderful World of Dreams


à Heart-Centeredness:  New Variations on the Old Theme of Heart and Health


à Insights of an Energy Reader


à Treasure Right Out of “Left Field”


à Maximizing Creativity for Innovation



To arrange a private consultation by phone or in person, workshop, or presentation, please contact Diane at:

Diane Brandon

P. O. Box 16125

Durham, NC  27704

Tele.  (919) 237-3204

E-mail: diane at dianebrandon dot com

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