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Change Agent for Businesses



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Diane Brandon is a modern-day Renaissance Woman, who defies categorization.  She is a "Change Agent" for others, whether working individually or in groups, and has helped people bring about positive change in their lives.  She effects change in others on a very deep and inner level in a very subtle way, by catalyzing and triggering  inner shifts.  These shifts may manifest through others feeling more empowered, developing innate but dormant gifts, seeing more of their potential, developing more confidence and boosting self-esteem, gaining profound insight, seeing and learning to live their purpose, gaining more clarity, learning to become proactive in their lives, developing and learning to use their inner knowing and intuition, learning to discern and become more proactive in relationships, healing boundaries with others, and generally becoming more whole and living more fulfilling lives.  The personal changes she has effected have also enhanced their business lives.


Diane’s Work with Others


Diane has worked with others on a one-on-one basis, in addition to facilitating groups and seminars.  Her group seminars on topics such as  21st Century Innovation & Creativity, The Art of Listening, & Perceiving with Clarity/Acting Proactively have succeeded in bringing about not only personal change, but also positive effects in the workplace, in reduced conflict and greater teamwork and in innovation through enhanced creativity.  Never one to leave her sense of humor at home, Diane can't resist infusing topics with the lighter level that enables others to shift their perspective and be jolted out of the ordinary habitual pattern of perception.  The logic that she also brings to her subjects not only makes the material make sense and explains it in an understandable manner, but also gives people the whole view, bringing in research and the "science" behind the phenomena.  Her seminars are "wholistic," appealing to others' logic, compassion, and sense of humor.  Activation on different levels!


"This was just awesome!  Thank you for having the courage to do this training and

expose us to something so unique." - Corporate Seminar Attendee



P. O. Box 16125, Durham, NC  27704

919 237-3204, diane at dianebrandon dot com


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