On Diane Brandon’s Work  (Continued - Pg. 2)


“I was amazed at the clarity of some things and also how much I received today.” (K. K.)


“I have to honestly say that it has been the best energy I have come across from any workshop I have been to.”  (J. T.)



On How My Sessions Have Affected People


“Your sessions have been absolutely life-changing for me.  I doubt that I would be on my true and wonderful path without all your help.”  (P. K., Healing Touch Practitioner)


“Even though you may not see the results of your teachings and readings, everything that I have learned from you in the past has helped me to grow and learn more about myself.  I am now understand all of the things you have said to me that I did not understand at that particular time.”  (L. V.)


“You have helped me transform my life.”  (Several Clients)


“The workshop was the beginning of positive changes for me.”  (M. W.)


“In the couple of hours that we spent together last night, I gained more insight into not only the relationship, but especially myself.”  (W. F.)


“I do not know how I could have gotten through the past two years without you.”  (M. M.)


“I was in a huge state of shock when I first met with you [after my fiancé died], and I came away feeling more at peace and more connected to him.”  (K. P.)


“I wanted you to know that I have made it through this [period of everything falling apart] because of you.  You were the person that got me in touch with my spirit.  I wanted you to know I really don’t think I could have made it through this, especially mentally, if I had not met you.  You are such an inspiration.”  (R. C.)





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