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I have read for thousands of people and have been very blessed and fortunate to have read for some wonderful people.  And I have been truly gratified to have received consistently positive feedback (and unsolicited, to boot!) from many.   There will always be those who may not be ready to hear things or who may be disgruntled for some reason, but I have encountered those well less than 1% of the time.  Here is just a small percentage of the feedback I have received:


On My Work

“Your positive energy affects people.”  (Several clients)


“I felt strong heart energy coming from you and massaging me.  I’ve been to many, many intuitives and psychics, including at Lily Date, and I’ve never seen one before you who also emits healing energy.”  (D. F., Reiki Practitioner)


“You took me to a level I’ve only experienced once before.  It was amazing.” (J. H.)


“Your work is miraculous!” (V. M.)


“You give people so much!”  (D. H., Reiki and Rebirthing Practitioner)


“I felt such pure love coming from you when you’re reading.” (Sherry)


“You’re the best reader I’ve every seen, and I’ve had tons of readings.  You’re amazing!”  (C. M.)


“The experience I had last Tuesday was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.”  (A. S.)


“You were absolutely RIGHT ON.  I just don’t know how you do it.  Your sessions have always been so much more helpful than anyone else’s.”  (P. K.)


“I wish to express my appreciation for the work you are doing.  I have reviewed some of your articles and am quite fascinated with the great knowledge you hold….I feel that you are a sole benefit to the world today.” (J. L. S.)

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