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The following is from an email message I sent out to clients in the aftermath of the horrific events of September 11, 2001:

I'll elaborate on the information I received a few months ago, which was that we were in the middle of a huge shift (that started sometime in mid to late May). Many people who are sensitive to the general energy sensed some sort of shift then. At the time, it was as if we were in the inhalation phase of the shift and everything felt suspended, as if people were figuratively holding their breath. I got that the exhalation would come slowly and gradually beginning in August or September, with it culminating around that time (Sept.?). I further got that the shift had to do with reaching critical mass on this planet of people realizing what needed to be done for world healing, that many people had been in denial or with their heads figuratively in the sand, but would suddenly realize both the significance of world healing and what needed to be done. The "world healing" I was getting had to do with healing of the earth, the environment. The above represents what I got at the time. In addition, I'd like to share some other thoughts with you.

The Terrorism of September 11, 2001

In light of September 11, how do I reconcile the above? (As I mentioned before, I did not at all foresee the terror of Tuesday.) Healing of the environment and personal healing, I feel, are related. With respect to geophysical healing, it's obvious that the continual exponential growth of our human population has been a major factor in degrading the environment and increasingly reducing habitat -- from destroying more and more of the global habitat to make room for more humans, to pollution, to extinction of species, to deforestation. We degrade the world in which we live when we see ourselves as separate and apart from it. Conversely, it is in realizing that we are a part of the whole and connected to the smallest creature that the realization dawns that the destruction/loss of vital links in that chain of life will ultimately impact humans. It goes back to whether we see ourselves as stewards or dominators

Personal healing in the sense of peace, on the other hand, also goes back to individual responsibility and starts on the personal level. I heard one local minister on the local news coverage say in the prayer service she was conducting that, "we are now realizing that if one person does not have peace, no one can have peace." We are parts of the whole and both contribute to and are affected by that whole. Put another way, world peace starts on the personal level. The lack of peace refers to not just peace in the sense of absence of military conflict, but also inner peace.


Clearly terrorists do not have inner peace. We all have our "stuff" to varying degrees. In some, the degree of "stuff" is so great that fear, hatred, and anger may outweigh love, kindness, tolerance, etc. I have felt for many, many years that, to be overly simplistic, there are two major energies -- one that attracts/pulls together and one that repels/pushes apart. Love and hate. Kindness and cruelty. Faith/trust and fear. To be a terrorist, I feel, is to be in the grips of fear, hate, judgment, and negativity. Fanatics usually also have mind sets and (continued)

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