by Diane Brandon

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I have been asked in the past what spirituality is.  A tough question, that – although it is one that has definitely prompted me to think long and hard about it.  I tend to view spirituality as a feeling of connection to that which is supposedly outside of us (or outside of the narrow confines of our egos) – a connection to others, to animals, to nature, to earth, to the universe, to other levels and realms, and to the Divine.  Thus, spirituality, for me, is the sense of connection to the all (as well as to the All!).  And spiritual growth represents the growth of feeling that connection, sometimes irrespective of our conscious acknowledgment of it.  Openness may be one of the first prerequisites to that growth.  Clearing the blocks to that openness and/or clearing our personal stuff that may be blocking our feeling that connection to what is outside of us can both pave the way for our spiritual growth, as well as allowing us to resonate more with higher spiritual energies.  Conversely, rigidity and tight energy may tend to impede it.


Many of us have tended to approach our spiritual growth from a mental or intellectual perspective.  We may be avid readers of books on spirituality and metaphysics, trying to cram our minds with an understanding of ideas about spirituality, whether learning about the religions of the world or contemporary theories of spirituality or prescribed steps to spiritual understanding or success.  We may become quite learned about these ideas of spirituality, and this is a wonderful step toward spiritual growth.  We truly grow spiritually, however, when we begin to live our spirituality as well, through experiencing it and exploring it experientially – when we begin to feel it and thus to know it on a different level.  Growing and knowing on the level of feeling rounds out our spirituality, allowing it to permeate the different levels of our being so that it is integrated into our being.  (Please see my article, “Experiential Spirituality and Contemporary Gnosis,” published in the March 1996 issue of Innerchange and also available on my web site, www.dianebrandon dot com, for a deeper discussion of this topic.)  (Continued)


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