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What Others have Said about it:


“If you are a seeker of truth and balance this a ‘must read’  This book is very insightful and elegantly written. If you are a seeker of truth and balance this a "must read" as it will definitely help you along your path by invoking you, not only, to deep thoughts, but also to deeper feeling. Thus helping light the way to wholeness of body, mind and spirit. It is a book you will find yourself reading over and over many times!”

(Suzanne E.)


“The book is beautifully written and very easy to understand.”

(Terri H.)



Diane shares many insights gained through her work, covering such topics as What is Intuition, What are the Invisible Blueprints for Our Lives, What is a Person’s Essence, How do We Find our Purpose, What is the Spectrum of Consciousness, What are Levels of Being, What are Multiple Soul Expressions, Is There Karma, How are We Worked With and How Can We Maximize our Fulfillment, How Do We Find Our Soul Mate, What is a Higher Perspective, etc.


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A MUST-READ for Any Serious Student of Spirituality!

“I highly recommend "Invisible Blueprints". It will become a favorite of yours as it has become a favorite of mine.”

(Marsha M.)


“If you have ever been interested in better understanding those connections that seem to happen coincidentally or how energies interplay in the world or just wanting to know how a reading is experienced by the author, then this book is a must-read.”

(C. R.)


“Invisible Blueprints is the work of a true healer….While the book is filled with good practical advice and is not a ‘how to’ book. Much more important than that! It not only gives you the means to embark on the journey: it convinces you, deeply, that you want to choose to grow, not out of some moral duty, but simply because the adventure is really worth it.”

(Valentine L.)

Diane also has Chapters in the Following Book:

· Speaking Out!


Diane has a piece in this book on “A Bearable Lightness of Being—The Magic of Personal Growth.” 


Speaking Out is a unique opportunity to learn from professionals who bring decades of experience to bear upon their audiences and clients. These are men and women who speak with conviction and authority because they've "been there" and "done that!" You can trust their advice and put into practice their strategies because they've helped dozens of clients and client companies solve problems and manage change.



Diane Speaks about Intuition:

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