Musings On Ghosts, Apparitions & the Veil Between Realities

by Diane Brandon

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                 The noises were quite real.  If I had had a tape recorder, I’m sure they could have been recorded.  However, those noises felt to me that they were simply an accumulation of daily noises from the past – a residue still in the house — auditory manifestations devoid of any volition or intent.  In other words, the children weren’t trying to haunt and I didn’t feel that a presence was trying to create them.  The daily activities and noises of the family from over the decades were simply imprinted in some way on the house and its atmosphere.


             The articles being moved, on the other hand, did seem to have volition behind them, as if someone had willfully and deliberately – if not mischievously – moved them.           

             What this means is that not all apparitions or manifestations are caused intentionally or that there is an intentional haunting.


             There are often hauntings and apparitions in locations where there was tragedy, massive death, or great pain and suffering or stress.  Take the battlefield at Gettysburg, for example, which has been reported to be haunted, or a house where there’s been a sudden, violent, or tragic death.  I feel that a place that has seen intense or consistent suffering is imprinted with the emotional intensity – the emotional residue – of those involved, without any volition or intent to haunt.  After all, emotions are energy, and intense emotions are intensified energy that can imprint on a physical location.


             A friend recently visited an old battleship and felt the presence of the spirits of the men who had served on the ship.  She questioned the haunting nature of this experience.  Yet it may not be a true haunting in the sense of someone departed trying to haunt a place.  The ship certainly saw a lot of emotional intensity during its service – fear, intense focus during battles, painful death – and that emotionality very well may have been imprinted on the ship.  However, adding to the imprint, some spirits may also be there, haunting it.


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