Musings On Ghosts, Apparitions & the Veil Between Realities

By Diane Brandon
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             We all tend to by fascinated by questions about the afterlife – what happens to people after they die, for example, or what we will experience after we transition.  Connected to these questions is the issue of ghosts and apparitions.  What do these phenomena say about the afterlife and our universe? I have pondered these questions myself over the years, in addition to having some direct experiences that have given me information, and would like to offer some insight that may shed more light on these topics and give more than the usual explanations.

I recently attended the Mensa Annual Gathering at which there were two presentations on ghosts, in addition to mine on intuition.  (And, yes, Mensans were genuinely interested in these topics.)  Neither presenter on ghosts covered the source of the “hauntings” in much depth – i.e., what caused them.  Yet the question fascinates me.

             I have read a great deal about the subject of ghosts in the last forty years, and I even lived in a house that was haunted back in the mid-70s outside of Chapel Hill.  From what I’ve read and experienced, I feel that different hauntings can come from a range of causes.

             Let’s take that haunted house I lived in.  The house had been built in the early 20th Century and lived in by the same family for about fifty years, but had been vacant for almost twenty years when I moved in.  The first night I spent there, I saw a ball of light go through the room after the light had been turned off.  This was my first such experience – and it really jolted me.  (It’s one thing to read about such things and quite another to experience them for the first time.)  I also heard noises, like a party going on, from a room across the hall, a room that was physically empty at the time.  Over the next couple of years, there were noises upstairs that sounded like children running through the room (even though the room was full of boxes and furniture and had no clear path for anyone to run through) and drawers being opened and closed.  Footsteps were heard coming down the stairs a few nights, articles were moved on occasion, and the dogs would sometimes yelp and jump off the front porch.  A figure fitting the description of the father of the family would sometimes be seen outside at dusk.                                                                                         (Continued)

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