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5.  In some dreams, we are being given messages from the universe and our higher self or other levels of our own consciousness.  These dreams tend to be about our personal and spiritual growth issues and can be the richest for us to work with on our paths.


6.  Some dreams are merely expressing fears or desires that we may have without our conscious awareness of them.  These dreams represent an attempt to bring these fears or desires to our awareness so that we may work on them.



7.   Some dreams are one-time dreams and others are recurring.  Recurring dreams are usually, but not always,  more significant than single dreams and can represent general issues that we are working on (whether we are consciously aware that we are working on them or not).  In these recurring dreams, we may have elements that repeat as themes, sort of a nocturnal reverie leitmotif.  Over time, we may see a progression in these themes as we make progress on the underlying issues.


 These represent some general types of dreams and it is important to note that any one dream can actually be a combination of different types, sort of a cross-breeding of genres.


 As we evolve and grow, it can further us greatly to work with our dreams, and understanding them is the first step in this process.  This can be tricky in and of itself, as many of our dreams are cloaked in symbols.  Thus, dream interpretation becomes essential in working with our dreams.


 I consider dream interpretation to be similar to explication (i.e., interpretation) of literature (which I did a great deal of and loved in high school and college) – with one major difference:  it is critical to bring intuition to the task.  Whereas in explicating literature we look for all possible meanings for all possible readers and applications, in interpreting dreams we look for the interpretations specific to the dreamer.  And please note that it is “interpretations” in the plural sense.  One wonderful aspect of dreams is that any one dream can have several different – and all equally valid – meanings for the dreamer. 


 Intuition is further essential in interpreting dreams because we all have our own

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