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 Dreams have always fascinated me.  So, 25 (or so) years ago, in an effort to learn more about dreams, I embarked on an exploration of sleep and dream research.  I worked with dreams more and more over the years, interpreting my dreams and those of others.


 I have learned some fascinating things about dreams over the years, one of which is that what we lump into the category of dreams are actually different phenomena.  One commonality among these phenomena is that while we are dreaming our body is quiet – unless, of course, we are sleepwalking (or daydreaming).  Aside from this commonality, however, there can be great variability in what we call “dreams.”


 So, one of the first things to remember in working with our dreams is that there are different types of “dreams.”


1.  In some, our consciousness, unbounded by our bodies and not continually bombarded by noisy feedback from our bodies, is actually off exploring other realms.  These “dreams” are actually experiences, some of which we may remember as dreams and others we may have no recall about at all.  The illusory veil of time can be lifted and we can be experiencing other times, including past lives.


2. Some dreams are just a sorting out of our day’s activities, as our brains sort and correlate experiences and information.


3.  Some dreams may actually be communication experiences in which we are communicating on various levels with other people, both those living and those transitioned.  We may also be communicating with our guides and others who wish to get through to us.


 4.  Some dreams are precognitive and give us information about the future.     (Continued)


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