Paths to Empowerment

by Diane Brandon

Final Thoughts and Postscript

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Remember that we can all increase our empowerment. Learn more about yourself. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Accept your uniqueness as an individual. Learn what your own truth is and honor it. Remember that we are here to learn and grow. Add to your bank of knowledge and abilities. Explore your world with confidence and with an open and curious mind. Know that you have your own path in life and respect it. Respect yourself, as well as others. Glory in your independence and empowerment. And, as Shakespeare wisely said, "to thine own self be true." That is true integrity - and empowerment.

Postscript -- An Empowerment Meditation
Here is a meditation that may help facilitate your empowerment:

Get into a comfortable position, either lying or sitting down. Take some deep breaths to relax yourself. Now see yourself as you presently view yourself -- however that is. Acknowledge what you see, whether positive or negative. View this in a calm, objective light. Now feel a warm glow in your body coming from your heart chakra. Feel this glow throughout your body and feel it wash over your image of yourself. Then put this image of yourself above your head and "park" it there.

Now think of your positive attributes -- for instance, you get along well with others, you're a good cook, you're artistic, you're good at making or building things, you're good at math, etc. Visualize your "goodness." Put all these positive attributes in a collage. Keep placing more of your unique qualities into the collage. See the collage start to pulsate and expand. Now feel a warm glow in your body. The glow has a color, any color. Now feel that warm glow and color flow through your body and outward through your heart chakra. As it flows outward, watch it envelop your collage, which is also expanding. As the warm glow and collage merge, see the image parked above your head and either keep it or see it shrinking and vanishing. The collage is expanding and is also enveloping your body. Feel the glow and collage throughout your body. Lie there for a few minutes and feel the glow. Now feel the glow and collage bubble together, moving into your heart chakra. Feel them there in your heart chakra. Visualize yourself cherishing and nurturing your collage and your heart chakra. Feel the naturalness now in your heart chakra.

You may now either take some deep breaths and come back to beta or alpha consciousness or continue to meditate.
(Published in Connexions, November 1994 and January 1995)

Diane Brandon is a Personal Facilitator, Speaker, Teacher, Writer, and Corporate Consultant, as well as a singer and actor,  She has produced "Yes, You Can Sing!" a self-instructional audio cassette. She’s the author of Dream Interpretation for Beginners, Intuition for Beginners, and Invisible BlueprintsOther articles by Diane include:

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