The more we develop ourselves and learn and gain knowledge, the more empowered we become. To this end, think of yourself as a multi-faceted person. Try not to feel that you can only do or be one thing. Being a renaissance person can help you become empowered.

Is there something you've always wanted to do or learn? Allow yourself to explore it.

It is interesting to note that recent research now reveals seven areas of intelligence, as opposed to the only two previously recognized: math and verbal. The other five areas are: bodily, spatial, introspective, musical, and interpersonal. Anyone can inherently have any of the above abilities or any combination of them. It has further been found that, if one is not utilizing all of his/her abilities, he/she does not feel fulfilled or satisfied.

We are all more than we are brought up to believe we are. Realize that you can do things you may never have considered. We all have untapped potential. As we develop ourselves, we also gain knowledge of ourselves. Our self-view expands.

Expanding your knowledge is also a component of empowerment, and, conversely, empowerment is a by-product of knowledge. Consider the case of someone who has just been diagnosed with a serious illness. This person can sit back and be powerless and fearful of the unknown, giving his/her power away to a medical practitioner. OR he/she may take power by researching the illness and gaining all the information and knowledge he/she can and thereby knowing what he/she is dealing with and what modalities and avenues to explore.

Remember that "knowledge is power." -- both external knowledge and self-knowledge.

Paths to Empowerment

by Diane Brandon

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