Fears can be conquered. One of the first steps is to recognize fear for what it is. Ofttimes a fear may be cloaked or disguised as something else. Basically, however, love and confidence/being positive open us up. Our energy flows freely outward. Fear closes us in and holds us back.

Many fears are related to issues. Clearing issues can reduce fear. Fear also may be of the unknown, related to fear of not being accepted or loved, as well as fear of death. There is also the fear of not having enough, which is related to not feeling secure in ourselves. As we work on self-esteem and gain knowledge, this fear is reduced.

When you find yourself holding back, try to identify what is causing you to hold back, what the fear is. Identifying the core issue can help. This can be done through the modalities mentioned above.

Try going into your fear, a little at a time if necessary. True empowerment comes when we are "fear-less," when we are clear of fear.

Realize that your fear is just that -- a fear. Your fear of the fear and your holding back are more insidious than what the fear concerns.

When you go into a fear, feel the fear. Let it wash over you. Watch where it leads you. It will reach an end at some point. Watch yourself come back to normal, with the fear receding.

Whenever you feel fear and have identified the root cause, focus on love. Try to mentally wrap the fear in love, completely envelop and enclose it in love. Breathe into the fear, deep cleansing breaths from the abdomen. See the love growing in size and the fear shrinking.

Remember that nothing can harm you unless you first allow it in on some level.

Paths to Empowerment

by Diane Brandon

Conquering Fears

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