Clearing issues is another process that may be a convoluted and divergent path. Again, counseling or therapy may be an option, as well as regression therapy and guided imagery meditation.

Bodywork that helps identify places in your body where issues and memories are stored may help in clearing them.

Bringing past issues or problems to consciousness that are not yet cleared also helps as a precursor to clearing them. Awareness and self-knowledge are closely entwined.

If your issues entail substance or other abuse, consider joining some of the support groups.

Identify and gain access to self-help books (John Bradshaw, A Course in Miracles, etc.). This can facilitate your own self-discovery.

Watch what pushes your buttons, especially anger and fear. Try to go into your objective observer (through meditation, self-hypnosis, etc.) and learn why your buttons are being pushed, what is the root cause. Sometimes conscious knowledge can help you move past the issue. (Not to be confused with denial, where there is no conscious awareness or acceptance of the issue.)

Look for patterns in your life. Do you find yourself over and over embroiled in similar dysfunctional situations or with similarly dysfunctional people (to use psychological terms)? Again search out the root cause.

Know that you can clear your issues. Know that you can feel clearer and happier and more content. Know that others have journeyed this path before and that you can, too.

Paths to Empowerment

by Diane Brandon

Clearing Your Issues

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