Paths to Empowerment

by Diane Brandon

Gaining Self-Esteem

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Gaining self-esteem is a process also, and there are different ways to try to facilitate it. One conventional approach is therapy or counseling. This is a valid approach and needn't be rejected automatically out-of-hand. If you choose to investigate this modality, try to choose your therapist or counselor carefully. Try to find one about whom you feel good, one with whom you feel a rapport. Try also to find one who facilitates your process of self-discovery, rather than one who controls you or encourages you to be dependent on him/her or who brings his/her issues into your sessions.

Guided imagery meditation or regression sessions may also help to build self-esteem by working at root causes. Energizing self-discoveries may be gained in this way.

Developing your talents and abilities can also boost self-esteem.

Remember that you are a unique and valid individual. Remember that we all have our talents and something to contribute. Remember that we all make mistakes and forgive yourself. Remember that the deepest beauty is that which is inside. Try to incorporate these thoughts into daily affirmations.

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