SHAMAR’S JOURNEY OF LOVE (2 of 4)  by Diane Brandon

Raj looked at him in gratitude.  He was wet and shaggy, but his eyes were full of love for his master.


"We must get to a safe place, Raj."


They moved slowly through the water.


To his left, Shamar heard a plop and saw a frog struggling in the water.


Shamar picked the frog up.


"There," he said, "now you're safe."  And he tucked the frog into his shirt pocket.


The frog stayed in his pocket and didn't try to jump out.  But he poked his head out and looked around.


The now threesome continued to move to safety.


A few minutes later, they passed by a partially submerged tree.  On a branch barely above the water was an inchworm slowly trying to move away from the water.  His heart went out to the creature.


"I can't let you drown," said Shamar to the inchworm.


And, with that, he gently picked up the inchworm and put her on his shoulder well above the water level.


They slowly made their way to safety and waited with some other people for the water to recede.


Some of the other people thought Shamar was strange to have a frog and an inchworm with him.


But Shamar knew he had done the right thing.  He couldn't just stand by and let the creatures drown in misery.


He felt for their pain and fear.  So he had to rescue them.


That night Shamar slept very, very soundly and dreamed about the flood.  A beautiful voice spoke to him in the dream and said, "Shamar, you are a very loving, good person.  You truly understand a divine mystery of life known to few -- that all of life is connected.  Yours is a blessed existence."


When the waters finally receded, Shamar and the others made their ways home.




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