Insofar as metaphysics or “New Age” interests are concerned, it is widely known that, as a species, we only use a small percentage of our brain’s potential.  Could it possibly be that some people are learning to use more of their potential?


And, if they are, could this be a form of evolution moving us forward – an evolution of consciousness?


And, if so, what does this indicate of those not evolving in their consciousness?  Will they in the future be considered to be limited?


There is a larger percentage of the population than is realized having what are termed “paranormal” experiences – from ESP to spontaneous communication with passed-on loved ones to out-of-body experiences to feeling filled with uplifting spiritual energy (also termed a “peak experience”).  Indeed the near-death experience phenomenon was participated in involuntarily by many who never mentioned their experiences for fear of censure and ridicule (by people they knew and perhaps also by publications such as yours) – until the ground-breaking research of Kenneth Ring and Raymond Moody.


And, yes, many corporations are utilizing consultants in the field of metaphysics and human potential to promote stress reduction, employee morale, and greater productivity through development of potential.  Could they possibly know something that your organization hasn’t yet discovered?


A historical perspective can shed some light on the ephemeral quality of our individual and societal approvals and condemnations.  Back in the ‘60’s, meditation and yoga were considered to be “weird” and associated with the fringe element.  Today they are recognized as modalities that can reduce stress and promote health.  Indeed, they are incorporated into many stress reduction clinics in mainstream hospitals.


The way we perceive events and ideas is very much colored and affected by our own “stuff” – our mind sets, assumptions, attitudes, preconceived notions, and, yes, even our emotional issues.  All of these serve as filters through which we “see” our world.  The more truly objective among us are those who can cut through their own “stuff”-induced subjectivity and see things objectively.


We like to think that our educators, including journalists and scientists, are objective.  This is not always the case.  Unfortunately, one’s mind set and preconceived notions affect the pursuit of science, as well.  Certainly the assumption that we already know all there is to know and that there is nothing new under the sun, combined with a narrow, closed-down view is antithetical to science as inquiry and does nothing to further either our body of knowledge or our understanding as a species.  Scientists who pursue research with an open mind, tempered by objective and inquiring reason, and who approach our world and cosmos with a sense of wonder are those who further our knowledge and facilitate our mental evolution, sharing with us the jewels they have discovered.

There is, indeed, a tremendous amount of solid research going on at present in the realm of consciousness and metaphysics.  Aside from the pioneering research in ESP done by J. B. Rhine’s lab (formerly associated with Duke University), now called the Institute of Parapsychology, and SRI (Stanford Research Institute) in California, there are both solid research being conducted and solid theories being formulated.  Jim Hardt at the Biocybernaut Institute in San Francisco has done ground-breaking research on brain waves; Dan Winter has researched how coherent emotions affect the braiding of DNA; the Institute of HeartMath in California has researched stress and hormone levels and the heart as a stress-reduction factor; the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California has sponsored solid consciousness research; etc. – to say nothing of Rupert Sheldrake, Deepak Chopra, etc.


Are there some people into “New Age” topics who may be somewhat “flaky” or fear-based or who may use their “New Age” pursuits as an escape mechanism or a palliative for their insecurity?  Yes, of course there are – just as there are journalists who may be ego-driven or who may not have done their homework or who may be fringe or who may be spewing out invective.                                                                            (Continued)

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