The Role of Fear

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Certainly fear is an emotion that is a big bugaboo to us.  When we label something as "bad," we push it away.  The more "bad" it is for us and the more we push it away, the more we fear it.  As anyone who has worked on his or her issues knows -- or as any truly spiritually wise person knows -- fear is our teacher, if we go into it.  Fear separates and holds us back; it does not unite.  If, however, we face our fear and go into it, we learn from it and reclaim a disowned part of us.  We also usually learn that our fear of the fear was worse than what we thought we feared, the object of our fear.  We learn that superstition and fear are only shadows, projections from within ourselves with no real substance, projections from our own lack of wholeness.  We also gain in self-confidence when we go into fear.  We become more whole.


A healthy curiosity can also help with fear, because curiosity opens us; its energy goes outward.  An open mind is an inquiring one. A closed mind holds us back.  Curiosity impels us forward to learn and grow.


Fear exists in the New Age community as well and, unfortunately, at times is taught to others.  There was an idea going around last winter before the first Uranus-Neptune conjunction about "negative space entities" that were going to use the conjunction as some sort of opening to do "negative," bad things to "lightworkers."


I was taken aback when I heard this, as well as baffled and somewhat saddened.  Here was fear in all its grandeur, rearing its head again -- this time in the New Age community, a community I had thought was enlightened.  New drama, old thinking.  The old myth and fear of evil and Satan in New Age clothing.  The old need to fear something and project it outward in an anthropomorphic fashion:  Satan was now "negative space entities."


Fear wields its power pervasively, especially when one feels separation, and it rules with an iron fist.  Unfortunately fear can contaminate and be contagious:  we teach our fear to others.  Again, we can learn from going into fear and examining it openly, thereby reclaiming our wholeness.  A life without fear is a "whole"-some life.

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