Let's take a look first at wholeness as applied to the individual or personal level.  I would think that, to be whole, we must first accept ourselves as a whole.  Rather than split off parts of ourselves as undesirable and disowning them, we can accept that everything exists for a purpose.  To believe otherwise is to reject creation and second guess the Creator.


Therefore, we can first accept all our faculties:  left brain and right brain; logic, feeling, and intuition.  How many times have we heard someone say, "I don't think; I feel?"  Why not think and feel.  Instead of labeling one as "bad" and the other as "good," why not consider that both serve a purpose?  Why think in terms of "ors" that separate, instead of "ands" that unite?  If any of these faculties did not serve a purpose, why were they created?  There are times when I don't know where my thinking or ideas come from:  from my logic or intuition or feeling.  It feels, instead, as if the parts are working together as a whole -- which is a nice feeling, a feeling of wholeness.  We can become more whole by reclaiming all parts of ourselves.


by Diane Brandon

The Personal Level

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