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Integrative Intuitive Counselor, Intuition Teacher, Author of Dream Interpretation for Beginners  &

Intuition for Beginners


with Diane Brandon

In Person, by Phone, or via Skype


Shining a Light on Your Path &

Igniting Your Inner Potential

Diane Brandon Provides Insight, Can Help You Find Answers, and Triggers Unfolding



Available In Person, By Phone, or Via Skype



Diane Brandon has been spiritually aware since birth and offers individual consultations as a Personal Path Intuitive Counselor, in which she uses Holistic Modalities and provides Insight for Personal Growth, Spiritual Healing,  Emotional Well-Being, & Fulfillment in Life.  She specializes in looking at the meaning of what one is dealing with and how one can find more fulfillment, as well as personal and spiritual growth issues.  In this respect, she serves as a guide for others.



Integrative Intuitive Counselor

Intuition Teacher

Spiritual & Life Coach

Speaker, Author, Consultant





 Finely Honed Intuition

Dream Interpretation

Healing Meditations

Past-Life Regression

Natural Process Healing

Diverse Exercises — And More

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For Private Consultations or Lessons In Person, by Phone, or Via Skype, Call (919) 237-3204

Or Email Diane at dianebrandonauthor at gmail dot com

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